Muhlenberg Co. moves to ‘green’ on state map

Muhlenberg Co. moves to ‘green’ on state map

MUHLENBERG CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky’s COVID-19 current incident rate map shows Muhlenberg County is green. This means that case numbers are some of the lowest in the state.

A year ago in Muhlenberg County, it was a completely different story. Case numbers were some of the worst in the Tri-State.

“It was scary. People were not afraid like we were this time last year. Much more at ease with being in the community,” said Cindy Johnson, a Muhlenberg County resident.

The county went from yellow to green. County health officials say green is good, but herd immunity is preferred.

“I really want us to achieve herd immunity, otherwise, every year we may end up, it’s not been officially said yet, but it may end up being one of those things with the flu, different strands of flu come along every year,” said Cathy Bethel, the Muhlenberg County Health Department director.

Herd immunity means 80 percent of a population is vaccinated. Roughly 25 percent of the county has been vaccinated.

“I know there’s a lot of hesitancy, specifically with the J&J. We have a lot of Moderna and Pfizer in the county that people can feel free to get vaccinated with,” stated Bethel.

Health officials attribute low numbers to community-wide vigilance.

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