Evansville City Council votes on HUD money

Evansville City Council votes on HUD money

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Evansville’s $3.7 million housing and urban development funding distribution has been finalized.

City council members voted Monday evening on where the money will be going.

We’re told the money will be going towards a variety of programs and services targeting the low-income population.

Evansville gets HUD funds every year.

“Especially coming off of 2020 and the COVID pandemic, every penny, every nickel that we can get into programs that are helping impact people’s lives, the better off our community is going to be,” said Zachary Heronemus, Evansville 3rd Ward on the city council.

HUD is broken up into three grants. One is for community development, another is intended for emergency and the final grant encourages investments in homes.

“These funds are a great opportunity to leverage federal dollars, to add into programs, and impact people’s lives in our community,” said Heronemus.

City officials say Tri-State Food Bank, Aurora, and Echo Housing are some of the agencies that will benefit.

“They all have different types of usage that have federal requirements for usage on them and different focuses,” stated Heronemus

Agencies have to apply to get funding.

“What’s next really is for the organizations, depending on the funding channel, they’ll have an opportunity to get reimbursements on dollars that they’re spending on programs or get cash infusions for projects their workings towards,” explained Heronemus

City officials say 2021 funds are available in late August.

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