Ribbon officially cut for Princeton Public Library expansion

Ribbon officially cut for Princeton Public Library expansion

PRINCETON, Ind. (WFIE) - Construction on the new expansion to the Princeton Public Library is finally over.

On Sunday afternoon, the ribbon was cut to commemorate the expansion.

Dozens of people from the Princeton community gathered in front of the new expansion area for the official ribbon cutting of what officials say is a space that everyone and anyone are welcome in.

For our little ones, a library is a place to think, explore and create.

“It looks like it’s a wonderful place,” 8-year-old Olivia Key said.

This is just one of the Princeton Public Library’s youngest customers’ thoughts about the expansion.

The library director of nearly 17 years says this $4.5 million project is funded through bond and grant money, along with donations.

The director says they wanted to create a space for everybody.

“We are giving the community what they wanted,” Princeton Public Library Director Brenda Williams said. “We took surveys, constantly said we need meeting space, we would like to have tutor space. I’m happy about this happening. I’m also happy about how we’ve gone out to the community with more outreach programs. We’ve opened the library more and that when I first came, the genealogy was only open one night a week, and now the genealogy of local history is open all the time that we’re open.”

From the technology room sponsored by Toyota, allowing computer access to any library member, as well as the office, tutoring and meeting spaces, there’s so much to offer in this new expansion space.

However, it could be the library’s most basic offering that most interests younger library members.

“Picking out books,” she said.

Officials say there have been some bumps along the way during the five-year journey, ranging from weather delays and the COVID-19 pandemic, but the new space is open and ready for visitors.

And take it from Key, it’s pretty neat.

“I just really love the library,” Key said. “It’s like a wonderful place that you pick out books and bring it home for a couple of days, and then bring them back and pick out new ones.”

Library officials say they are still accepting donations, and although their website doesn’t allow for individuals to donate online, people can always pay them a visit and give them their donation in person.

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