Cat that fell from tree doing well; watch dramatic video of the fall

"Batcat" doing well after big fall from tree (Source: Another Chance for Animals)

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - We have a good news update on the cat we told you about earlier this week that had been stuck in a tree.

As you can see from the video above, “Batcat” is doing well. (We’ve learned he is actually a she)

Batcat fell several feet from a tree after being stuck for at least five days.

14 News captured the dramatic fall on camera. We didn’t use the video since we didn’t know the extent of her injuries.

You can watch it here, now that we know she’s okay. We will warn you. This video could be disturbing.

As you can see, Batcat has used one of her nine lives.

WARNING: Dramatic video of cat falling from tree

Volunteers from Another Chance for Animals are taking care of her while she recovers.

They say she has no broken bones, but is still recovering from dehydration.

“Still a little spooked, but sweet,” they said. “She’s getting lots of wet food mixed with tuna and water.”

Volunteers say once she’s fully recovered, she’ll get spayed and go to her new home.

We hear the person adopting Batcat is connected to D.J. Tree Service.

That’s the company that came out Monday and worked to get her out of the tree.

Another company also helped with rescue efforts. High Score Saloon offered money for someone to come get the cat down.

They also did a Facebook fundraiser that raised nearly $2,000 for vet bills.

Volunteers say Batcat’s medical bills are minimal so far, so the money will be used for other animals in emergency situations.

They will also use some of the money to get animals spayed and neutered so they can be adopted.

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