Rental car shortages occurring nationwide

Rental car shortages occurring nationwide

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Rental cars have been in short supply throughout the nation, leading to increased rates and longer waits for vehicles.

14 News spoke with AAA on Thursday, and a representative said more people are taking trips that require rentals now that vaccines are more readily available.

Rental car supplies dwindled throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to decreased car production, lower income for rental services, as well as less demand for rentals with people locked down.

AAA said with more people going on vacation, demand has shifted so much that services can’t keep up and adjust.

Spokesperson Nick Chabarria said if someone is going to be without a car, they should try to rent their vehicle ahead of time.

”Do so as early as possible, maybe even before you book your flight,” Chabarria said. “If you’re traveling somewhere and you’re going to need a vehicle, make sure you can secure that vehicle. Chances are, right now, there will be flights available, but there might not be a rental car for you.”

He said it’s also important to return rentals on time, and let the rental service know if it’s going to be late to keep things moving and avoid longer waits for other people.

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