Police: Dealer arrested after teen nearly dies of overdose

Police: Dealer arrested after teen nearly dies of overdose

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - Madisonville Police say a 17-year-old thought the pill they took Wednesday was Percocet, but it was actually laced with fentanyl.

Police say it took several doses of Narcan to save the teen’s life. The 17-year-old was eventually stabilized at the hospital.

Officers say they learned the teen had purchased the pill, and the investigation led them to an apartment in the 800 block of West Noel Ave.

Police say 23-year-old Antonio Anderson was at the apartment, which smelled like marijuana.

They were able to get a search warrant and say they found several suspected fentanyl pills, a large amount of marijuana, a gun and cash.

Police say Anderson admitted to selling pills to the teen who overdosed.

He was arrested on several charges including Unlawful Transaction with a Minor, Illegal Controlled Substance-Physical Injury.

Antonio Anderson
Antonio Anderson (Source: Hopkins Co. Jail)

“Madisonville is not the only place this has been affecting,” Major Andy Rush with the Madisonville Police Department said. “Most recently they’ve also had situations go on in Owensboro and Evansville.”

15 people in Owensboro were indicted on fentanyl trafficking charges on March 8.

Rush says the two situations may not be related but the pills are still out there.

“We know they are in the region and they are highly deadly which is why we want to let the public know how dangerous they are,” Rush said. “Just one little speck of the Fentanyl, if it’s too much, the problem is the body can’t process it.”

One lieutenant who talked to the girl’s family that day says he lost his best friend to Fentanyl earlier this year.

“It’s crazy how fast it happens, and if somebody’s not there to give them Narcan, it can definitely end tragically and it’s a terrible situation,” Lt. Justin Jones said.

“We’re trying to really emphasize how dangerous Fentanyl is and how it can really affect somebody’s life and potentially cause them to die,” Rush said.

Rush says if you come across any pills that don’t belong to you, don’t touch them.

Contact police immediately so they can properly handle them.

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