Mask policies now up to Tri-State business owners

Mask policies now up to Tri-State business owners

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Indiana’s mask mandate is gone. As of Tuesday, it’s in the hands of local businesses whether to require masks when you walk through the door.

These are decisions that have not been taken lightly by local business owners. You can still see many signs hanging on doors and in windows asking you to mask up before walking inside.

“We want to be accommodating as best we can, but we feel it’s best to protect our team and others by continuing to wear a mask,” said Mary Allen, owner of Sixth and Zero.

That remains the policy inside Sixth and Zero on Main Street. Many of Allen’s employees aren’t fully vaccinated yet.

“We wanted to give our team members the opportunity to have the full protection that they wanted, and we know that’s not going to happen for about another six weeks. So that was really important to me, first of all, to protect our team,” explained Allen.

She says she also wants to protect her customers. Even though it is no longer mandated in Indiana, Evansville Police say you have to follow the rules of any business you plan to enter.

“If there’s a sign out front that says, they don’t want people with guns inside, it’d be the same thing. We’re not going to say, you’ve got a gun, you’ve got to leave. It’s that the owner doesn’t want you here so technically it’s trespassing,” explained Sgt. Nick Winsett of the Evansville Police Department.

Allen hopes that her customers will continue to respect her policies and enjoy their time inside the store.

“We want to see people’s smiles just as much as everyone else. For sure. But we want to do it in due time and safely,” stated Allen.

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