Solar opposition discussed at Posey Co. Commissioners meeting

Solar opposition discussed at Posey Co. Commissioners meeting

MOUNT VERNON, Ind. (WFIE) - There was a county commissioners meeting Tuesday morning in Posey County.

During the meeting, a lawyer representing more than 2,000 residents opposed to the solar farm project asked for two specific requests.

This comes after things got heated at the Area Plan Commission meeting the week prior.

[Emotions run high at solar meeting in Posey Co.]

The first request from that attorney, Maria Bulkley, was that she remain on the commissioner’s agenda until the process of amending the solar ordinance is complete. That will keep the conversation alive among Posey County Commissioners.

The second request was that the current stay be extended. That way, no solar developers can swoop in while the old language is still being amended.

Both requests were approved by county commissioners, but only until the next meeting, when the items will need to be voted on again.

Even though there were no major developments Tuesday, some residents say that was okay.

”Absolutely. I think that our officials are slowing down,” says Kendra Bissesi, a resident of Posey County. “They are encouraging more research, taking more time to look this over, and allow this process to play out.”

Bulkley also mentioned Indiana House Bill 1381, which would give the state the power to approve solar panel projects, instead of local governments.

However, Bulkley says if a community already has a more restrictive ordinance in place by June 30, that local ordinance can stay. With that in mind, she recommended Posey County officials stay on pace if they want to best serve the county at the local level.

The next county commissioner’s meeting is scheduled for April 20.

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