Camera captures bobcat in Gibson Co.

Bobcat in Gibson Co.

GIBSON CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Some home security video captured a bobcat in Gibson County.

Amber Buchanan shared the video with us. She says it’s from April 3, south of Oakland City along Highway 57.

Bobcats are native to Indiana, and it’s more common to see them in the southern part of the state.

Other viewers have shared videos and photos in the past, but it’s still pretty cool to see more.

Amber says this is the first time she’s seen the bobcat, but she has noticed its tracks lately.

She even bought more cameras in hopes of seeing it again.

Amber says her cameras have captured coyotes, rabbits, an owl, and even a fox.

She’s not worried about her domestic animals. She says it’s the human’s responsibility to secure them in buildings at night and leave the wild animals alone.

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