Apartment developer awaits zoning decision in Daviess Co.

Apartment developer awaits zoning decision in Daviess Co.

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - In Daviess County, a new apartment complex could be coming later this year near the hospital at the corner of Daniels Lane and Hayden Road.

Developers tell us the reason why they want to build at this location is because it’s close to the hospital and other amenities.

County leaders say the Bowling Green-based developer, 5ive Financial LLC., wanted to build multi-family apartments, so they had to go through a re-zoning process.

Back in February, the Owensboro Metropolitan Planning Commission voted in favor of the zoning change, from Single Family Residential to Multi-Family Residential.

However, county leaders say homeowners living around the proposed complex thought OMPC made a mistake, so it was appealed to fiscal court.

After listening to homeowners state their case, I’m told the fiscal court will decide on the matter at their next meeting on April 15.

“Anytime that you have people who want to invest in our community, it’s good news,” stated Judge-Executive Al Mattingly. “The question is, it is a proper investment? Is it proper zoning? And I think there are some in that area that don’t believe in that.”

We’re told the developer wants to put 128 apartments in.

If approved, they plan on starting construction in July.

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