Evansville businesses regaining momentum after a tough year

Evansville businesses regaining momentum after a tough year

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Many local businesses that struggled early on during the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to get back on their feet.

The owner of “I Love Kick Boxing” in Evansville says she’s regaining some momentum after a tough year.

“I just figured I’m in the same boat as everybody else so there’s nothing really I can do about it,” Kelli Golis, owner of “I Love Kick Boxing” said.

If there’s such a thing as a “great time” to open a business, it’s not right before a pandemic.

However, Golis was ready to open the doors of her new fitness center last February.

“We taped off our floor in six-foot sections,” Golis said. “We had a few less bags on the floor at that time so everyone was social distanced, and we had to wipe down the bags before and after every class.”

Instead, she pushed back the opening date almost six months, and Kelli says there have still been many struggles.

“It was a slow start because of COVID and everything because everybody was still scared, and I think some people still are scared, but it’s not been as fast of growth as I’ve wanted it to be,” Golis said. “But it’s also been a little struggle finding employees, the right employees. Finding a manager, I haven’t had a manager for longer than a month. So that’s been a real big setback for me as well as COVID.”

Struggling to find employees, that’s what gave Amy Bender a chance to instruct.

“COVID kind of hit us a little bit hard,” Bender said. “We kind of got down some instructors and it was something that I might want to do, and Kelli gave me the opportunity so I’ve been instructing since February and I absolutely love it.”

For those interested in getting involved, contact the business by checking out its Facebook page or official website.

Slowly but surely, the two say getting to welcome new clients in again is a blessing.

“I think the biggest step is stepping out and doing it,” Bender said. “I would just say if there’s something that’s holding you back, the only way that you’ll ever get there is to step out and do it.”

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