1 suspect in deadly Bedford Ave. shooting appears in court Thurs.

2 out of 4 suspects out on bond

1 suspect in deadly Bedford Ave. shooting appears in court Thurs.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Records show two of the suspects in deadly burglary are out of jail on $2,500 bond.

Dayvon Lang also has a $2,500 bond, but it’s not yet been paid.

The fourth suspect, Biker Cox, made his first appearance in court on Thursday. He pled not guilty to charges of burglary, obstruction of justice and criminal organization activity.

Cox’s cash-only bond was set for $500,000.

Police say it was a fifth suspect that was with the four men during a burglary who was actually shot to death in the 500 block of S. Bedford Ave.

On Monday, Vanderburgh County Coroner Steve Lockyear identified the shooting victim as 28-year-old Timothy Y. Adams. He says the autopsy revealed that he died from a gunshot wound to the torso.

Calls came in about the shooting from the 3900 block of N. Fulton Ave., which is the area of Shady Tree Apartments.

Police say several people from the N. Fulton Ave. address had conspired to drive to S. Bedford to commit a robbery, including the person who was later shot.

“There were no occupants in this residence,” says Sergeant Nick Winsett with EPD. “They forced entry inside, and during the commission of this crime, like I said, inadvertently shot one of their own.”

Police say 18-year-old Zaelin Fox, 22-year-old Kingston Southard, and 24-year-old Dayvon Lang were all arrested and charged with Burglary Causing Death, Obstruction of Justice, and Criminal Organization Activity.

According to EPD, 21-year-old Biker Cox was arrested and booked into the Henderson County Jail early Tuesday morning.

Biker Cox.
Biker Cox. (Source: Henderson County Detention Center)

Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to call the Evansville Police Detective Office (812) 436-7979 or the tip line (812) 435-6194

A viral Tik Tok captures the moments at the Shady Tree apartment complex.

Chynna Hall shot that video. She spoke with 14 News Sunday.

“Well, it was a hell of a way to wake up. I first woke up to, I heard the police on the mega phone outside saying like people in the apartment next to me to please come outside with your hands up,” said Hall.

As of Sunday afternoon, the video had over seven million views.

Dayvon Lang, 24
Dayvon Lang, 24 (Source: Vanderburgh County Jail)
Zaelin Fox, 18
Zaelin Fox, 18 (Source: Vanderburgh County Jail)
22-year-old Kingston Southard
22-year-old Kingston Southard (Source: Vanderburgh County Jail)
3 men arrested in connection to shooting death on Bedford Ave.

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