Owensboro Public Schools might soon have mini health clinics for sick students

Owensboro Public Schools might soon have mini health clinics for sick students

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Public school students may soon be able to go to the doctor without ever leaving school.

The Owensboro Public School District is looking at implementing nurse practitioners and doctors in its health clinics.

School officials say the plan is to expand their healthcare services to not only students, but also staff and families.

OPS Superintendent Matthew Constant says they are looking at partnering with an outside healthcare provider.

By doing incorporating this partnership, the district would be able to treat students’ visits to the nurse’s office at school just like a doctor’s office. District officials have been studying other schools across the country that have implemented a similar program.

We are told the district wants to remove whatever barriers their population has to medical care. The district has been working on this prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope that with a health care provider, we’re able to provide immunizations in our schools,” Constant said. “We haven’t been able to do that, and that could even mean COVID-19 vaccinations.”

OPS is now sending proposals to local healthcare providers with hopes of creating a partnership.

“We want a partner that provide us a doctor or a nurse practitioner that can maybe be an on-call type of person,” Constant said. “Or with the advent of telehealth, and the more prevalence of telehealth that we’ve seen over COVID, we’re hoping to institute some telehealth contacts as well. But we want a student to be able to go in to the nurse’s office if they’re feeling sick, connect potentially to that practitioner/doctor, get a diagnosis and even get prescriptions prescribed to that student based on parents’ permission and things like that. We hope also that the partner will be able to bill insurance and Medicaid for us.”

They are hoping to have the clinics up and running when school starts again in the fall.

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