Airport Holiday Inn to reopen as Melrose Assisted Living Facility

Airport Holiday Inn to reopen as Melrose Assisted Living Facility

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The building has been a hotel since 1988.

All of the space will allow for up to 199 residents.

A nurse who will be working at the facility says it will benefit the care and quality of life for residents.

“A person’s environment in which they are working, and in this situation in which the residents will be residing will have a big impact on how well that they do,” nurse Ashley Crafton said.

The facility is 160,000 square feet. A portion of this space, roughly 20,000 square feet, in the atrium alone.

“If the pandemic and things still continue when we open, obviously with this massive space, we’re really going to be able to have more social distancing,” marketing director Keith Gander said.

Gander says they still have some remodeling to do to transition from hotel to assisted living.

They are working on hiring more nurses so there will be enough for each floor.

“We’ll have individualized care plans, not only to their health needs, but also to their personal needs, likes, desires and anything that may benefit them as well,” Crafton said.

“All of our staff members are really going to be able to get to know those residents on a much more closer knit, family knit base,” Gander said.

Residents will also have access to the facility’s app called Connect Care, which is designed to help residents talk to family when in-person visits are limited.

Melrose Assisted Living doesn’t have a set date for opening, but residents can apply now to live there when they open soon.

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