School choice bill to give parents options in Kentucky

School choice bill to give parents options in Kentucky
Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 8:20 PM CDT
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OWENSBORO. (WFIE) - Kentucky’s legislature has put the state on a path toward allowing a form of scholarship tax credits to start supporting private school tuition.

Families and their school-aged children will now be in better financial position to make a choice about where they want their kids to go to school. This is because during the Kentucky General Assembly’s session, the House voted to override Governor Andy Beshear’s veto on House Bill 563, which is also known as the school choice bill.

The bill will create education opportunity accounts. The money comes from donations from businesses or corporations, who are putting money into these accounts, and these donors would then be eligible for tax credits from the state. Families could then use this money for educational expenses, tuition, or any other school fees they need to pay.

Officials with Owensboro Catholic say they are excited about the decision.

“It’s gonna be very important for us. It’s going to give us an opportunity here we’ve never had before,” Keith Osborne, chief administrative officer with Owensboro Catholic Schools said. “Families can choose to enroll here and receive partial tuition assistance and assistance with book fees and the sorts of things they’ve never had access to before. Giving families a choice as to where they want their kids educated is a big step in the right direction.”

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