Health officials give advice to Tri-State employers regarding COVID-19 vaccine

Health officials give advice to Tri-State employers regarding COVID-19 vaccine

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - The Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce hosted a COVID-19 Q&A Thursday to answer vaccine-related questions from local employers.

Leaders from both the Green River District Health Department and Owensboro Health Regional Hospital also attended the meeting.

One of the main question from employers was, “how can I set up a vaccination site at my workplace to make it easier for my employees to get vaccinated?”

Green River District Health Department Director Clay Horton says, unfortunately, that is not an option right now.

Horton says the department’s hands are full already, vaccinating thousands of Kentuckians every week. Horton says right now, the focus is to be fair and equitable when administering the vaccines they do have, ensuring those who need a shot the most can get one.

”It’s all going to benefit, not only your business,” says Horton, “it’s going to benefit the health of your employees, and it’s going to benefit our community as a whole.”

Horton’s advice to local employers is not to wait for the option of an on-site vaccination clinic, but instead, to give employees time to get vaccinated now.

“I think on the individual basis,” says Horton, “educate yourself. Educate those that are around you, and let people come around to it when they are ready.”

Health leaders also addressed questions like, “can my employer require that I get a vaccine or have proof of vaccination?”

Local health officials agreed, the short answer is yes, although they say there would also have to be exceptions in place.

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