Ky. Dept. of Education: No more temperature checks needed at schools

Local schools react to new guidelines

No more temperature checks taking place at Owensboro Public Schools

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky Department of Education guidelines are shifting for students as they show up at the front door at school.

We are learning that students will not need temperature checks prior to entering the school anymore.

“It really does a good job of speeding up the process of kids getting into the buildings and the drop off process,” Jared Revlett, a spokesperson for Owensboro Public Schools said.

KDE says it no longer considers temperature checks as an effective way of detecting COVID-19.

“A fever is just one potential symptom of COVID. Not everybody who gets COVID has a fever,” Revlett said.

The checks will continue in some situations.

KDE officials say if a student is showing any other symptoms, their temperature will be checked. We are told students will be sent home if it registers above 100.4 degrees.

Rick Searcy, a parent whose child is undergoing virtual learning, shared his take on the new guidelines.

“You know we understand that guidance is guidance, and it’s something that we’ve followed ever since the beginning of this pandemic,” Searcy said. “So you know we trust the guidance that if they say temperature checks are no longer necessary, then we trust that the school systems are doing the right thing.”

Schools are asking parents to continue monitoring symptoms before sending their child to school in an effort to cut back on the amount of virus spread.

You can read the full letter that OPS officials sent out to parents and guardians in the Facebook post below:

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