Crossroads Church plans Easter in a pandemic a second time

Crossroads Church plans Easter in a pandemic a second time

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Crossroads Church has been getting ready for Easter weekend all week long with daily events for Holy Week.

“We’re excited for Easter this weekend and celebrating with our church family and here in the community,” said lead pastor Phil Heller. “A lot of preparation and prayer and excitement is happening just in the days leading up to Easter.”

They’re having their service in the auditorium this year, with every other row of seats blocked off for social distancing.

After having their service outside last year, Heller says he’s excited to have it in a closer-knit setting.

“This year we’re excited to be part of just our own congregation getting to worship together. We’re still going to be wearing masks and social distancing,” said Heller. “We follow those protocols that health officials and government officials have suggested, and we’ll also have the opportunity to gather in person for anyone who’s comfortable and ready to do that.”

Masks are encouraged, but they’re still navigating it after the announcement of the new mandate.

“We have asked people when they come worship with us to wear a mask,” Heller said. “We just feel like it’s a good way to love each other, love our neighbor as an expression of that, and we are just following the protocols that have been asked and recommended.”

For those not comfortable or not able to come in person, Crossroads streams all of its services online.

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