Businesses react to loosened mask regulations

Businesses react to loosened mask regulations

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Shoppers along Main Street in Evansville said they’re sick of the pandemic.

”I’m kind of excited for it to end, honestly,” Belinda Jackson, one customer said.

With Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s announcement Tuesday that he’s following the state in loosening mask rules, some feel it’s an opportunity to start moving on.

[Mayor Winnecke announces city will follow Gov. Holcomb’s mask advisory]

Businesses are free to set their own policies now, and at River Kitty Cat Cafe, instead of moving on, they’re choosing to use caution.

”Masks will still be mandatory, we think until May just to get our crew a chance to get vaccinated,” manager Tyler Archibald explained.

He said without enough vaccines, now might not be the safest time for them to lose the masks.

”Most of our crew is under 30, so no one’s had a chance to even sign up yet,” he said.

So until they do, Archibald just hopes their customers understand.

”Continue to be patient with us, it’s going to take everyone to get through this, just like it has this entire past year.”

Shoppers like Jeff Catt said they’re happy to cooperate with any business’s wishes.

He said he was just happy we’re far enough along to consider the possibility.

”I’m hoping that means that the pandemic will be that much closer to being over with,” Catt said.

Catt and customers of the cat cafe will see what life out of the mandate and under the advisory is like on April 6.

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