Officials release Greater Evansville Health survey results

Officials release Greater Evansville Health survey results

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - COVID-19 isn’t the only health concern in the Tri-State.

The Welborn Baptist Foundation released the results of the Greater Evansville Health Survey on Tuesday.

Survey results include a sample of adults and even some children from Vanderburgh, Posey, Gibson, and Warrick counties in Indiana and Henderson, Kentucky.

Topics in the survey included things like eating habits, healthy eating options and alcohol and tobacco use.

Officials say, unfortunately, the results are pre-pandemic so mental health concerns are still a high priority.

”This is pre-COVID, so we do have concerns, especially with mental health. 5.4 days in the last month, residents stated was not good for them. And we recognize that this past year has been hard on all of us. None of us have been spared from this pandemic. It is concerning that our baseline if you will in 2020, was that 5.4 days,” Andrea Hays, from the Wellborn Baptist Foundation, explained.

Officials say there are other areas that continue to raise concerns for them as well.

”Mental health as I just shared, anxiety, high rates of depression. We have a, I should say continue, to have a high rate of obesity across the region,” Hays said.

Data also showed alcohol use in our region is up at 29%. Results show 1 in 4 residents binge drink compared to the nation at 17%.

Click here to view the full health report.

But not all of the data is bad news. Officials say there are promising results.

”Our smoking rates are going down and that’s huge,” Hays stated. “We know that’s because of the great work being done with policy and environmental changes.”

More positive news included 84% of adults in our region engage in some type of physical activity, and 80% of adults attend routine medical exams.

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