KY lawmakers approve “no knock warrant” bill

Now headed to Governor’s desk

KY lawmakers approve “no knock warrant” bill
Kentucky Open (Source: WFIE)

KENTUCKY (WFIE via WKYT) - Senate Bill 4 passed the full Kentucky Senate by a wide margin more than a month ago, and questions were raised when it was going to be brought up in the House.

Some said the bill wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t Breonna’s Law to ban all no-knock warrants.

However, both sides of the aisle in the House gave SB 4 a thumbs up, and it passed 92-5.

Amendments added would loosen restrictions for smaller cities and would require an EMT to be nearby. That’s something that wasn’t in the original bill. Agencies without body cameras would also have to record the issuance of the warrant by some kind of recording device.

The passing included several fiery and passionate floor speeches, including a lawmaker who defended the police and a lawmaker who said problems have been ongoing in this area for quite some time.

“Because I know what it takes to be a police officer. I know what it’s like to be the first person through a door on a search warrant and not know what’s on the other side,” said Rep. Chris Fugate, R-Chavies. “I know what’s it’s like to lead to other officers through a door of a drug house that’s responsible for more deaths than COVID-19.”

“Things were bad for Black folk before 1962. You can’t tell me we had a good life. And yes, I am upset,” said Rep. Pamela Stevenson, D-Louisville. “I had to teach my son how to drive while Black. And you want to tell me about putting God back in school, how about Christ back in the Christians?”

The full Senate passed the new version 34-0.

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