New businesses coming to Gabe’s Shopping Center in Owensboro

New businesses coming to Gabe’s Shopping Center in Owensboro

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Revitalization efforts are underway at Gabe’s Shopping Center in Owensboro, making room for new businesses.

These efforts have actually been in the works since 2015, and officials tell us the project has had some bumps along the way with COVID-19 delays.

Officials say the main goal is to bring some life back into the area.

City officials tell us the revitalization also included efforts to fix up some homes in the area that have since been completed.

Now the main focus is getting the construction of the shopping center completed.

We’re told the city wanted to give this area an economic boost and surge, and one of the ways to do that was to invite businesses in.

“Coronavirus kind of hit us all in the stomach a little bit, so it’s taken a while to get this project done,” said Abby Shelton, the community development director for the city. “We’ve run into a few engineering snags and trying to make sure we do the facade correctly, so we’re very excited to see a new business take root into the shopping center. So yeah, this is what it’s about for us.”

Shelton mentioned a new business opening soon to the shopping center. Restaurant owners tell us Shiloh’s Lounge will have a grand opening on April 10.

”It’s going to be a restaurant, it’s going to offer hookah, at night time, like a bar, during the week it’ll be a bar and weekends it transforms into like a club,” Justin Davidson, Shilohs Co-Owner said.

Naming the new business after his son, Davidson says he’s worked with friends and family to make this possible.

”The cliental that we want to welcome are just local people, especially students. Bring your laptops come and network, socialize and meet new people who are trying to be movers and shakers,” Louisa Torres, the bar manager said.

Davidson says growing up in Owensboro, being apart of the revitalization project and bringing something new to the community is a blessing.

”The community supports me a lot, and I appreciate it so there wasn’t no doubt in my mind that they would come and support and make it a great thing because it’s for us anyway,” Davidson shared.

City officials say there is still leasing space available in the plaza if you’re interested in having a business there. You can contact Abby Shelton directly at

Click here to check out Shilohs Facebook page.

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