Union Co. restaurant struggles to find workers

Union Co. restaurant struggles to find workers

WAVERLY, Ky. (WFIE) - Servers are busier than ever at Feed Mill Restaurant, and there are plenty of them to keep up.

Where they are having a hard time keeping up is in the kitchen, and owner Eddie Wheatley has cut everyone’s hours because of it.

“I mean it wasn’t good, I put up the schedules for next week and everyone just kind of looked at the schedules,” Wheatley said. “The servers were disappointed, I cut 33% of the shifts. We have 12 shifts Monday through Saturday because we’re already closed on Sundays, and I just cut four shifts out.”

Feed Mill will now be closed Mondays, as well as Fridays and Saturdays until 4 p.m.

The kitchen staff has spent many shifts trying to keep up.

“I mean they work so hard,” server Jessica Waggener said. “They don’t even take breaks on their own sometimes because they have so much to get done and so much they want to do. They’re just good, hard workers.”

“Now I’ve just kind of run out of options,” Wheatley said. “It’s the same people working almost every shift here. We just need a break. It comes down to we just need a break.”

Wheatley opened Feed Mill around 24 years ago and says he’s never had to make a change like this before.

He’s afraid it’ll cost him.

“A lot of these guys are just living week by week and too many cuts may cause them to look elsewhere,” Wheatley said.

Wheatley says the workforce just isn’t what it was when he started.

Servers are supportive and optimistic for next week’s change.

“Well it hasn’t quite happened yet, it starts next week so we’ll see how it goes,” Waggener said. “I just hope my shifts are busy.”

For those who feel like they would be a good fit to work at Feed Mill Restaurant, people can call them at (270) 389-0047.

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