Thursday storms cause damage in Ohio Co.

Thursday storms cause damage in Ohio Co.

OHIO CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Storms rolled through the Tri-State on Thursday, especially along the southern part of the area.

Officials in Ohio County say an EF-0 tornado touched town during Thursday night’s storms.

They say it took a path about 75 feet wide that caused damage to a Dollar General and several homes in the area.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage and determined that wind speeds reached 85 miles per hour around Rosine.

The Ohio County Emergency Management’s Director, Charlie Shields, said the county’s weather sirens did not sound before or during the storm.

He explained that after having work done on the sirens, he had not reprogrammed them.

The sirens are now operational.

No injuries were reported after the tornado, but several homes sustained major damage, especially the Bolin residence.

Amy Bolin said her family was home while the storm rolled through.

She explained that she laid on top of her mother to protect her when a window shattered.

Bolin says it was over in a matter of seconds, but it damaged the school bus she drives, ripped their car port to pieces and shifted an outbuilding they have been working on about 10 feet across the yard.

Their roof also had a large hole ripped into it, but Bolin said they’re just happy to be safe.

“We’re what matters,” she said. “Stuff can be replaced, it may hold sentimental value, but my mom’s here, my husband’s here, my dogs are okay, even my hedgehog is okay.”

Forecasts call for another storm in the Ohio County area on Saturday.

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