Summer camps preparing to welcome kids back

Summer camps preparing to welcome kids back

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Our children have spent much of the past year at home because so many events have been cancelled.

COVID-19 restrictions are finally now lifting and with warmer weather, kids can start looking forward to summer camps again.

”A lot of them are coming back this summer because last year, we were successful and we showed we could do this safely,” Kennan Barnett from Camp Reveal said.

Camp Reveal held their summer camp last year following CDC guidelines and finished without a single COVID-19 case traced back to camp.

”I think that was in large part due to our staff’s excellent job at following our COVID policies and procedures and making sure we were staying safe and socially distant,” Barnett said. “But it was really cool to see that it can be done, we can have it open safely, kids can have that sense of normalcy, they can see their friends, they can play outside, they don’t have to be stuck inside not with anybody else. It was really cool to have a full summer with zero positive cases.”

But over at Camp Carson, the story was a little different.

”I don’t think we missed a summer since we were founded in 1940, so when we made the decision it was a hard one,” Sarah Hooper from Camp Carson said.

She’s talking about the decision to cancel summer camp last year as the coronavirus ran its course through the Tri-State.

”Camp may look different,” Hooper said. “It may have a pre-screening line and check-in may look a little different, but camp is still going to feel the same.”

The executive director at Camp Carson says their focus this summer will be safety and fun.

”Our safety procedures, it’s going to be a layered approach,” Jim Sexstone, the executive director of Camp Carson said. “You can look at it like a swiss cheese where pieces are just layered over each other. The idea behind that is so we can mitigate risk but we can’t eliminate all risk. But we’re going to have so many things in place that the chances of COVID happening at camp are very little.”

If there’s one thing that won’t be changing this year, it’s the excitement.

”After a year of so much technology and zoom calls and having to be socially distant, we like to stay physically distant so we get some of those interactions back,” Hooper said. “And I’m just so, so excited.”

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