OPS, DCPS returning to 5-day in-person learning schedule this week

OPS, DCPS returning to 5-day in-person learning schedule this week

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Owensboro and Daviess County Schools are back in the classroom five days a week now.

Whitesville Elementary School welcomed back its students in a big way.

The music was pumping as students walked down the red carpet and into the building.

The staff tells us, after a long year, they wanted this week to be memorable as students continue learning and reuniting with friends.

“I am just so excited. I think my heart is finally full once again,” said Dr. Tricia Murphy, principal at Whitesville Elementary.

School leaders tell us the protocols such as mask-wearing, temperature checks and social distancing will still be in place.

“Underneath masks, I know that you can see it all over the kids’ eyes when they’re smiling. Lots of excitement from parents too, as they roll out. They’re waving big and kind of like passing along to us,” said Dr. Murphy.

Leaders at DCPS say about 60 percent of their employees have been vaccinated. Those at OPS say about 83 percent of their staff is vaccinated.

Owensboro and Daviess County Public Schools will continue offering their virtual academy option. According to the districts, about 1,400 DCPS and roughly 800 OPS students are currently enrolled.

“We know for sure that we gotta work on some stamina a little bit,” Dr. Murphy said. “When you come back between the virtual classroom, the TV, the kitchen table, the snack closet, you know those things at home, that’s going to be different.”

OPS has even created a new job position to help them with the transition to five days a week.

They’ve also brought on more custodians.

“We just hope we never see anything like this again in the world of education, in our world in general,” Dr. Murphy said.

Henderson County students are also changing up their schedules this week. They’ll be back in the classroom four days a week from now on.

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