All gas pumps blocked off in Albion, Ill.

All gas pumps blocked off in Albion, Ill.

Albion, Ill. (WFIE) - Residents in Albion, Illinois, are having trouble filling up their cars’ gas tanks Monday.

We heard from viewers who say bags are over the gas pumps at both the town’s gas stations.

Reporter Lesya Feinstein visited both the Casey’s and the Phillips 66.

A sign on the door and Phillips 66 says they have diesel only. The clerk there would not comment.

A worker at the Casey’s gas station told us some maintenance discovered some water in a tray, so the pumps were closed off while they check to make sure there isn’t water in the tanks.

They are separate from the Phillips 66, so they could not say what would be causing their pumps to be closed off.

The worker at Casey’s says they are waiting on a visit from the State Fire Marshal.

We reached out to the State Fire Marshal’s office, and they say they have not been notified.

We also spoke to the State Ag Department, which is over Weights and Measures. They too say they have not been notified.

Some Albion residents have been managing by getting gas in towns over.

“As long as Grayville or Mt. Carmel and other places around us still have it, it’s not a huge problem, but it is an inconvenience,” said Albion resident Lisa Glover.

Gas stations in Grayville are fully operating.

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