New Jagoe Home community coming to Newburgh

New Jagoe Home community coming to Newburgh

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - Warrick County officials say the growth of housing options has been great as several new subdivisions are popping up in the county.

Warrick County is working to bring more people into the community.

”There’s a lot going on in Warrick County when it comes to housing, and we’re really excited to see it happen all across the housing spectrum. We’ve got starter homes, single-family housing, we have the executive housing here in Warrick County and you’ve seen apartment complexes from all different price ranges popping up,” Steve Roelle, Warrick County Economic Development Director said.

One of those new subdivisions will be a Jagoe Home community off of North Pollack Avenue.

It will feature a type of house that’s becoming more and more popular.

”Going around some of the trails that we have in the community, you see the house getting framed out, a for sale going up there, and on the next week when you’re out on a walk or on a run, it already says sold. Before the house is completed, it’s already off the market and we’re seeing that over and over again,” Roelle explained. “In my opinion, that means we’re moving in the right direction. We want to be a place where people live work and play.”

Local realtors in the community say these new opportunities for those in the market to buy homes are giving them the chance to actually do so.

”I’ve been doing this a long time where new construction was pretty much dead. But now, in the last, I would say the last five years, you have seen these new developments pop up, and there have been these new opportunities for buyers to own that brand new home and they really enjoy that,” Becky Ismail, an ERA Broker said.

”When buyers embark on the new construction process, then they are not subject to some of the competition that’s happening on pre-owned homes,” Annabelle Ismail, another ERA Broker stated. “They can go the route of building a custom home that’s right for them.”

The two realtors we spoke with say they don’t know exactly how many homes will be built yet, nor the price, but they say it’s never too early to get with a realtor to get a head start.

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