McLean County vetting architects for senior center rebuild

McLean County vetting architects for senior center rebuild

MCLEAN CO., Ky. (WFIE) - When the McLean County Senior Center burned down in December, Director Scott Settle still went out to deliver meals.

”We haven’t missed a day since the building burned,” Settle said.

He says that it’s important to not only to keep his seniors fed, but to keep their community close-knit.

”Some people that we take food to, they’re sitting in a dark house, and when we open the door, it’s just like a ray of sunshine to them,” he explained.

That’s why with the building gone, he says they need to start taking action.

The current site, which has been reduced to rubble and a foundation, sits in a flood plain.

Judge-Executive Curtis Dame says they’re considering a project that would build up out of the low land, but that may not fit the scope of what they have in mind.

”There’s opportunities to serve more citizens in the county,” Dame said.

He says as devastating as the fire was, with larger, more accommodating facilities, they can reach even more seniors in need of a home.

They’re consulting with architecture firms across the commonwealth, and he says the project is generating a lot of interest.

But with them, they might bring some changes that the seniors are worried about.

”They’re set in their ways. But sometimes change is a good thing,” Settle said.

Settle says wherever the project goes from here, they want it to become a mainstay in the community once again.

”I hope it’s still there when I become a senior, which is rapidly approaching,” he joked.

They say they hope to have construction well underway by the end of the year.

According to the Judge Executive, the project will be funded entirely by the insurance on the original building, save for a $1,000 deductible.

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