Dubois Co. reaching out to Latino community with vaccine information

ALASI partners with health department to get more people immunized

Dubois Co. reaching out to Latino community with vaccine information

DUBOIS CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Eber Menjivar, the president of the Association of Latin Americans of Southern Indiana, or ALASI, had faced COVID-19 in early December.

He said his father became especially ill and had to be hospitalized.

Menjivar described how it was tough seeing his dad in such a poor condition, and having to isolated him from the rest of the family made it all the worse.

But for him, it was a wake up call.

”That was the turning point where I’m like, ‘Well, like my dad there’s probably other people out there who are scared or who fear for this virus, and maybe there’s something I can do to help,’” Menjivar said.

With his dad recovered, Menjivar said he made it his mission to use ALASI to help educate the Latino community.

”We want to make everyone aware of what [the virus] does, and what it affects, and how the vaccine can help prevent that,” he explained.

Menjivar says for much of the Hispanic community, the language barrier can make it difficult to know how to go about getting a vaccine.

The Dubois County Health Department confirmed they saw a disproportionately small amount of Latinos getting vaccinated.

That’s why they’ve partnered with Menjivar and ALASI, as well as the mayors of Huntingburg and Jasper, and several local schools to get the word out to the county’s diverse community.

”It feels good when you have the support of not only the Latinos, but the non-Latinos too,” Menjivar said. “You know you’re making a difference for everyone.”

Click here to access resources on ALASI’s website.

He now spends his time away from his day job at Kimball Electronics helping to translate health department messages and creating Spanish content to help spread the most important information.

Menjivar says he’s going to keep working until his community is safe.

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