Owensboro Bishop says Catholics can receive Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Owensboro Bishop says Catholics can receive Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 8:41 PM CST
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OWENSBORO, KY. (WFIE) - Many religious communities are voicing concerns over the new Johnson and Johnson vaccine. The vaccine does not contain aborted fetal tissue or cells.

It does, however, use cells that were grown in a lab and have multiplied thousands of times over 35 years. It’s a sensitive topic because the original cells came from an aborted fetus.

Bishop William Medley of the Diocese of Owensboro says he aligns with the Vatican and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on the matter and that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is morally acceptable.

“It’s not only morally acceptable, it’s desirable that people get vaccinated,” said Bishop Medley. “I dare say, some Catholics are unaware of the controversy, others would take it very much to heart. That’s why I want to speak to them that they are not doing something that is morally unacceptable when they choose to have the vaccine.”

Bishop Medley says the church remains strong in it’s discouragement of using stem cells from aborted fetuses to be used for research.

“We never say the end justifies the means because that opens up a lot of doors, but we recognize that we live in a world of compromises,” shared Bishop Medley. “The connection between those is so remote that the church says it’s a good thing to be vaccinated.”

He wants Catholics to feel comfortable receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and understands that many don’t get to choose which vaccine they receive. During a pandemic when so many have lost their lives, Bishop Medley says it is urgent that we push through in an effort to remain healthy and save lives.

“Taking any of the vaccines available to us is a morally appropriate thing, and in fact, both the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops says that it is an act of charity,” explained Bishop Medley.

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