New CDC guidelines providing hope

Updated: Mar. 9, 2021 at 5:48 PM CST
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GREENVILLE, KY. (WFIE) - The new CDC guidelines say those who are fully vaccinated can safely gather with small groups without masks or social distancing even if those people haven’t been vaccinated yet.

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“It will be a year this coming Sunday,” Kelly Melton, of Greenville, said.

It’s been 365 days of isolation.

For Kelly, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, that meant no work, teaching, doing what she loved.

“It’s been very different. This is 26 years in education for me. Muhlenberg County schools has been where I have worked the entire 26 years,” Melton shared. “I haven’t seen my students since March 13th of last year.”

But that also meant not being able to see or feel the touch of her own family.

“It will be a year since Garris has been in my house; since I’ve hugged him. Since Dylan and Kristin have been in our house; since I hugged them. We did not have Thanksgiving with the family. My parents who live next door and self quarantined for my benefit really more than theirs even though they’re in their 80′s,” Melton said.

But now that will all change in just five days with hopeful news coming from the CDC.

“I’m excited because it’s almost over, and I’ll still be cautious. I’ll still wear a mask in groups. I will still hand sanitize,” stated Melton. “But people that are double vaccinated like me, I can be around them safely.”

Kelly asks those still skeptical of the vaccine to think of people like her.

“For those people who doubt mask-wearing works and hand sanitizing works, do it for other people. Because those people could be like me,” Melton shared.

Our team on the weekend is hoping to catch up with Kelly and her son on Sunday to capture that long-awaited, special moment.

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