O’Bryan’s Bar & Grill wins Owensboro’s Burger Week

O’Bryan’s Bar & Grill wins Owensboro’s Burger Week

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - After last week’s Burger Week in Owensboro, a winner has finally been announced.

O’Bryan’s Bar & Grill took the first-place prize for Burger of the Year. The owner, Eric Ashworth, says he entered the competition thinking he could get a few more customers in his doors and didn’t expect to win.

Ashworth also says last week they sold 310 burgers compared to only 13 the week before that. He says after a rough year, he’s grateful.

“The government money helped,” Ashworth said. “This community is amazing, they helped us through. Lent. Obviously, it’s Lent now, and it was Lent back then, so if it wasn’t for Lent back in 2020, it would have been really really bad probably. But I give it all to the community here, helping me get through it because that’s truly what it was.”

Wyndall’s Wonder Whip’s burger came in third place and in second place, Legends Sports Bar & Grill.

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