Some Western Ky. students return to in-person learning this week

Some western Ky. students return to in-person learning this week

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Some students in the Commonwealth are heading back into the classroom Monday.

McLean County Schools are on the list.

All K through eighth-grade students, along with juniors and seniors, will be in-person four days this week.

Freshmen and sophomores will go on their A or B group day. Wednesday is a virtual day for all students.

Webster County kindergarteners through third-grade are also returning to in-person learning Monday.

Grades four through eight will go back next week. All Webster County High School students will return on March 15.

Students will attend classes in-person four days a week.

Leaders at Dawson Springs Independent Schools say students will be learning virtually Monday, but they plan to return to in-person Tuesday.

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