Hopkins Co. students return to in-person learning 4-days a week

Hopkins Co. students return to in-person learning 4-days a week

HOPKINS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Students in Hopkins County head back to in-person learning Thursday.

Miss Sydnee’s science class is learning about animals, and now they get to do it in person four days a week instead of on Zoom.

“Today they’re seeing all their students in their classrooms and are able to effectively teach them, so Southside teachers are super excited,” Principal Erika Stark said.

[Hopkins Co. schools expanding in-person learning to 4 days a week]

Miss Sydnee (Bragg) said she can already see the change in her students.

“There’s a huge difference,” Bragg said. “When they’re in person I can feed off of them, we have great conversation, we can talk. Their questions are so much better than them at home watching a video.”

They will be in person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with virtual learning and deep cleaning on Wednesdays.

Masks are required indoors except while eating, desks are six feet apart and students don’t share materials.

“Hours and hours of preparation has went into this, and planning to make sure we’re following guidelines for safety and health,” Stark said

With about 12 weeks left of the school year. Bragg said she’s ready to make the most of the time left.

“What I love about teaching is the students and being with the students,” Bragg said. “Learning from them just as much as they learn from me. Even just having regular conversation, and online that’s kind of taken away a little bit.”

Click here to find a full list of Hopkins County Schools’ updated COVID-19 guidelines with in-person learning.

Principal Clark said parents can do their part by making sure their kids have masks and keeping them home if they’re showing any symptoms.

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