See a pothole in Evansville? You can report it

See a pothole in Evansville? You can report it

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The harsh weather conditions have left potholes behind.

Indiana Department of Transportation Communications Director Jason Tiller said that the freezing and unfreezing of water under the surface of the road causes the blacktop to loosen and chip away.

He said it’s made worse by snow plows.

Because of the intense winter storms, Tiller said potholes are their number one priority.

According to Tiller, for now, when a pothole is reported, they’ll add cold patch asphalt for a temporary fix. In the summer, they’ll come by and permanently patch it.

Evansville city officials say Street Maintenance Department crews will also resume patching and repairing potholes on City streets soon.

You can report potholes by calling 812-435-6000 or using #evvpotholes on social media posts. Please include approximate street address or nearest intersection.

INDOT will handle all state roads. To report a pothole on one of those thoroughfares, reach out on or by calling 1-855-463-6848.

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