Program allows free education for AmeriQual employees through Ivy Tech

Program allows free education for AmericQual employees through Ivy Tech

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Ivy Tech Community College Evansville and AmeriQual have teamed up to offer the opportunity for team members to obtain a college education.

The program is called Achieve Your Degree.

With tuition reimbursement and deferred payment, team members can earn degrees and credentials.

Now, AmeriQual’s current and future team members who have not completed their high school diploma will have the opportunity to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma through Ivy Tech.

“There’s about 10 to 12 percent of people who don’t have a high school diploma so what about them? What about the jobs we have to fill?” asked Mirsada Salihovic, Vice President of Human Resources for AmeriQual.

The program, which is individually-based and can be completed in as little as eight weeks, will hold free classes on-site at the Evansville north-side manufacturer.

Kyla Dowell said her research shows students prefer it that way.

“Students want to come to class. Students want to talk to their teachers, they want to be face to face,” said Dowell. “They want to work out the math problem and see how they did it wrong or right.”

Upon successful completion, participants will receive a $500 bonus and advancement opportunities.

“AmeriQual and Ivy Tech are excited about this expanded partnership to skill-up the Southwestern Indiana Workforce,” according to Kyla Dowell, Lead Employer Consultant. “This is an innovative approach to workforce development.” AmeriQual will offer the Ivy Tech High School Equivalency classes on-site and pay employees their regular rate, even while taking the classes. The program will be taught by an Ivy Tech instructor, free of charge to students through an Indiana Department of Workforce Development grant received by Ivy Tech Evansville.

To sign up, you can call 812-867-1300 EXT: 277 or you can visit their website.

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