EPD releases video in officer involved shooting

EPD releases video in officer involved shooting
Updated: Feb. 22, 2021 at 1:51 PM CST
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Evansville Police Department released body cam and dash cam video of the officer involved shooting that happened last Thursday.

It shows video from the back up officers who arrived as they worked to get the suspect out of the car.

The plain clothes detectives involved do not wear body cams.

(WARNING: Video may contain offensive language and content).

Evansville Police say 38-year-old Anthony Scott Sapp was in a stolen car and tried to run into a detective in the 1500 block of North Ruston Avenue.

The detective shot him in the shoulder.

Police say there was a struggle and a Taser was used to get him into custody.

EPD also released a picture that they say shows Sapp appearing to reach for an officer’s gun.

“Once the taser is done, they can basically regain anything they had before- its not effective at that point,” said Sgt. Nick Winsett, EPD Public Information Officer. “What I’m guessing is, when he’s reaching for that officer’s gun, its either before or after, it wasn’t during the taser.”

They say Sapp’s injuries were minor.

Anthony Scott Sapp
Anthony Scott Sapp(Evansville Police)

According to Sgt. Winsett, Sapp has prior convictions for bank robbery and burglary. In January, he was arrested in Henderson on drug and gun-related charges.

Winsett said the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office has an open felony investigation into Sapp on firearm violations.

In Harrison County, an active felony investigation in which Sapp is accused of burglary is ongoing.

14 News was sent a cell phone video from Thursday’s arrest on Ruston Avenue where police say a suspect tried to run over a detective wearing plain clothes with a car.

14 News was sent a cell phone video from Thursday’s arrest on Ruston Ave.

This video shows the situation before uniformed officers arrived wearing body cams. The video shows the movement of the suspect’s car and of the undercover officer at the front end of the car.

Sgt. Winsett explains when a suspect ignores repeated orders, the engine’s revving - the vehicle is a threat. Officers had reason to believe he meant to hurt them with it. We are told they are authorized to use deadly force.

The video shows kicks, punches and elbows. Sgt. Winsett says this is what police call pain compliance maneuvers.

Officers are taught to give commands with the leg strikes and elbow jabs to get a person to follow instructions.

In this case, it’s to put his hands behind his back.

EPD released patrol officers’ body cam video showing the rest of what the cell phone video can’t see. That is once the handcuffs are on, the strikes stop.

EPD says the bullet grazed Sapp, and no stitches were required for him. He was booked into jail the same day.

14 News asked Sgt. Winsett what he thinks when cell phone video comes out and can be put into context. He said it’s great.

It fills in the gaps for police as well so he has no issue with what private citizens capture on cell phones.

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