Nearly 1,400 pounds of garbage picked up at Reitz Hill

Nearly 1,400 pounds of garbage picked up at Reitz Hill

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Last week’s winter storm that hit the Tri-State caused more issues than one, but it also laid out a thick blanket of snow for sledding.

As 14 News previously reported, Reitz Hill community members were excited for people to be sledding, but also concerned about the trash build-up.

Jessica Costello spoke to a few people who helped pick up the trash, which a receipt shows a total of approximately 1,380 pounds of trash was dropped off at the dump.

These numbers speak for themselves. This is why so many people in the community were concerned. We are told the overall issue was that it started to become a safety hazard for children that came to sled the next day.

From trash bags to broken sleds, shards of plastic, and even an entire bathtub was left behind. However, people throughout the community and the surrounding area came out to make sure the hill was clean and safe.

”It is a little bit better, but as you can see behind me, there’s still a little bit of trash down there,” community member Julie Dietz. “Nothing like it was, but to know that people took time out of their day to come to our neighborhood to clean, really puts faith back into humanity that we need right now. You know, I do want kids to come up here - I have my own kids, but they need to know that if they bring something up here, they need to bring it home with them.”

All that trash had to go somewhere, and that’s where one local man comes into the equation.

Todd Veeck filled up his business truck with loads of garbage and took it to the dump with no questions asked.

“We were just kind of showing our kids how good it felt volunteering, making a difference, leading by example,” Veeck said. “Our main thing is we didn’t want all this stuff to affect the next time it snows.”

Veeck, along with other community members, made sure that Reitz Hill and Helfrich Golf Course were safe for children to sled down.

“We hauled off a bathtub, I think that was a majority of the weight,” Veeck said. “I think half a bag was just alcohol, a lot of clothes baskets and lids to containers, really sharp objects. I know my wife was worried about that - I mean stuff like this was sticking out and you couldn’t see it because it was blending in with the snow.”

He has also decided to make the clean-up efforts a bit more fun.

Veeck says if people go out and pick up trash in these areas, take a picture and post on Facebook. Then make sure to tag his business, Home Shine Plus Pressure Washing and Concrete Sealing, and they will be entered to win a $300 house wash.

Click here to find the business’s official Facebook page.

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