ER visits increase during cold weather, says Deaconess officials

ER visits increase during cold weather, says Deaconess officials

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Deaconess officials are warning residents to be cautious while out the cold weather, saying the number of emergency room visits tend to rise during the winter months.

This warning comes after an accident at Reitz Hill earlier this week. According to 911 records, a man went down the hill and rammed into the field goal post on the practice field.

His injuries are unknown, but he was taken to Deaconess Midtown Hospital.

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14 News spoke with Deaconess Director of Medical Affairs Dr. Gina Huhnke on Friday afternoon. She says emergency room visits increase across the board when winter weather moves into the area, but it’s not always car accidents that send people to the ER.

Throughout all Deaconess locations, Dr. Huhnke says emergency rooms will also see patients who slip and fall on the ice, as well as people out trying to enjoy the weather and find themselves in a sledding accident.

Since February 10, Deaconess officials say 14% of emergency room visits were weather-related, with the majority of these visits being caused by falls.

Dr. Huhnke says don’t rule out the temperature either because when the focus is on snow and ice, people tend to forget how dangerously cold the air can be.

“Wear layers of clothing, be sure to cover up all exposed layers of skin,” she said. “Wear a hat, wear gloves, don’t forget those types of things. And don’t stay outside for too long. Go back inside frequently, so you don’t get frostbite.”

If anyone plans to sled in their neighborhood, officials want to remind people to make sure they are aware of their surroundings, and keep an eye out for trees, cars, as well as concrete and curbs in the city.

Officials also ask those in areas with deep snow to take extra steps to make sure they’re sledding safely.

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