Road conditions improving after 2nd wave of snow in Daviess Co.

Road conditions improving after 2nd round of snow in Daviess Co.

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Daviess County got a little more snow than neighboring areas, but work crews say the roads are in pretty good shape.

Main roads in Owensboro like Parrish Avenue and Frederica Street are mostly clear, while some side streets are still coated in snow. Daviess County Engineer Mark Brasher says road crews will catch up clearing smaller roads on Friday.

Brasher told 14 News his crews are exhausted but in good spirits. He also says they understand there’s still more work to be done before the weekend rolls around.

“At this point, anything on the road is slush, so now it’s more a factor of getting our trucks to the road to push it off,” Brasher said. “So we’ve got so many miles of road and 10 trucks at the most running, it’s still going to take us some time, so we’re going to be working through the night tonight into the morning, trying to get to those roads that are further out and hard to get to.”

Brasher says his garage used approximately 1,200 tons of salt over the last week, but crews have been replenishing their supply as they go.

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