Piles of plowed snow near mailboxes slows carriers

Piles of plowed snow near mailboxes slows carriers

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Mounds of plowed snow piling up around mailboxes creates issues for some carriers.

A woman living near the north side of Evansville says there were delays, for a few days, because of winter conditions.

There are steps everyone can take to try to make sure their packages show up on time.

All the snow is great fun for sledding. Pool floats are putting in extra work this year. The Keystone Subdivision hills certainly help pick up a little speed.

“We kind of utilize our hill as a starting point and end up somewhere down the road,” resident Paula Harding laughed.

However, multiple inches of snow this week makes it slow going for local mail carriers.

“We had shoveled down a little bit in front of our mailbox so we could walk from our house to the mailbox,” Harding recalled from earlier in the week.

Often when streets get plowed, the snow can pile up on the sides around mailboxes, which creates the problem.

Harding tells 14 News that with all the accumulation, combined with a holiday Monday, there have been understandable delays with delivery services.

“When you order something, especially like, say Amazon, and you know you have that two-day delivery and you’re sitting on your chair ‘Oh, it should be here,’ and then ‘Problems with the delivery service,’” Harding explained. “We all knew it was weather-related, but it’s exciting when you go to the mailbox and it’s actually there.”

In a statement to 14 News on Thursday afternoon, the U.S. Postal Service says it “will make every attempt to deliver to all addresses, however, delivery is impacted due to the extreme conditions and inaccessibility of mailboxes.”

USPS is asking residents to help clear a path to delivery spaces.

“I think our neighborhood is nice where we live because everyone takes care of one another,” Harding added. “We definitely checked with some neighbors that probably would be harder for them to get our during this time, and fortunately, they said they’ve all been okay.”

These problems should be should short-term. The 14 First Alert weather team says temperatures are expected to reach mid to upper 40′s in the coming days, which will help melt the mounds of snow.

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