Owensboro Health opens COVID-19 vaccinations to ages 60-69

Owensboro Health opens COVID-19 vaccinations to ages 60-69

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - About 45,000 more people can now get vaccinated in Owensboro.

Doctors at Owensboro Health are seeing hospitalizations down when compared to a couple of months ago. They believe vaccinating the elderly population is a contributing factor to these lower numbers.

“We feel like we’re picking a group that is high risk and could benefit a lot out of vaccination,” Dr. Michael Kelley with Owensboro Health said.

You can schedule an appointment online through the system’s website or call 270-685-7100.

Owensboro health hospitalizations are down.

Doctors also attribute the lower hospitalization numbers to limited holiday gatherings, more antibodies being given out, as well as the elderly getting vaccinated.

“That is a group that tends to have a lot of comorbidities or medical problems that lead to mortality,” Dr. Kelley said. “That’s about where 75% of the deaths occur.”

As of Thursday, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital has administered over 16,000 first doses and 9,000 second doses.

“We know that we’ve done probably - let’s say 12,000 to 14,000 people over the age of 70 at this time,” Dr. Kelley said. “And we’ve started to see the schedule fill up not as quickly with that group. We’ve messaged and marketed to that group and so when we start to see when we’re not filling those slots on our online schedule or by the phone tree, we start to recognize that there are not as many of those people that are being missed.”

Dr. Kelley estimates the rest of the individuals in Owensboro who fall under Kentucky’s 1C tier could be vaccinated as early as the next month. People ages 16 and over with underlying health conditions, as well as essential workers would be eligible.

Dr. Kelley says it’s very rare to have doses left over at the end of the day.

Even during some of the snowy days, people still showed up to get vaccinated. Owensboro has scheduled make-up days in case someone missed their appointment due to the weather.

Currently, the following groups are eligible for a vaccine at OHRH:

  • Healthcare workers
  • First responders
  • Individuals age 70+
  • Individuals age 60-69

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