Darmstadt maintenance crews prepare for more salting and plowing

Darmstadt maintenance crews prepare for more salting and plowing

DARMSTADT, Ind. (WFIE) - Not even two days ago, the maintenance crew in Darmstadt was battling the snow and ice to get the roads clear.

Wednesday night’s forecast is calling for more snow, which means the job will have to be done all over again.

“It has been a long week, but we’ve got the trucks prepped and ready to go,” Mick Moreland said. “We’ve got some salt in there, got the blades on the plows all good to go and we’re ready for whatever comes.

Moreland says he enjoys his job and he knows it’s an important one for the safety of those who live in the small town.

“It’s not too bad, as long as him and I stay on top of it,” Moreland said. “As long as we pre-treat the primaries and secondaries, it’s not too bad.”

Before the snowfall hits, this pre-treatment is his first priority.

“If it’s extremely cold, obviously the salt is going to have a hard time, so we want to get it down, let the cars start to crush it into the asphalt,” Moreland said. “That way, when it starts landing on the road, hopefully it’s immediately going to start melting everything down.”

Moreland says they have used more salt than they have had to use in a long time, but their barn still has plenty left in it. He just wants to make sure the community respects the space of the trucks if they see them out on the roads.

“Just to let them know that we are doing everything that we can, and if you can - just be careful with us too,” Moreland said. “Make sure we have enough space to do everything we need to do.”

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