Tri-State shoppers get extra groceries ahead of more measurable snow

Tri-State shoppers get extra groceries ahead of more measurable snow

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - A Tri-State grocery store manager says at least one shipment was delayed several hours because of difficult interstate conditions. The distribution center is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Henderson’s Sureway allowed its employees to go home early Tuesday night, and its stores reopened an hour later Wednesday morning.

Across the river in Indiana, a couple of Schnucks shoppers tell 14 News they are not surprised by the snow.

“We got a little notice to prepare,” David Gamblin shared. “I mean, I think it’s like 2, 3 or 4 inches maybe. We’ll have to see what we actually get, but it’s just winter. Got to expect a little bit of it.”

“It’s winter; you’re going to have to expect to have some weather,” Andy Kriegshauser added. “We’ve been quite fortunate not to have such big snows like this, so I say, let it snow.”

Even still, some were planning meals to manage the rest of the week.

“Make a big pot of chili to last us a few days,” Gamblin stated.

A Schnucks spokesperson says stores remain in good supply on most products.

“They have milk,” Gamblin laughed. “Came here the other day and they didn’t have milk. So, at least we got that.”

The chain says substitutions may be required on some products. It continues coordinating with supply partners, warehouse, and logistics teams.

One customer we found was grabbing a few items for others.

“I had to get some grocery shopping done and checked on a couple of friends,” Kriegshauser explained. “Made sure if they needed anything. Actually, I did have to go pick up some stuff for them.”

The clearing of roads has made it easier for those coming and going.

“We haven’t been anywhere today that we couldn’t there,” Gamblin recalled. “Just got to be slow and take it easy.”

Select Schnucks stores did close down early Monday night. Doors were back open by 6 a.m. Tuesday or normal opening time, whichever was later.

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