14 News reporters have some winter weather struggles

14 News reporters have some winter weather struggles
As he put it, Evan Gorman "bit it" right before his live report

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The 14 News Team has been battling the elements to keep you updated on the weather conditions, and well, sometimes the weather wins.

Thankfully, everyone has stayed safe, but we thought we would share a little bit of the trouble they’ve had.

Tanner Holbrook got stuck in the snow early Tuesday morning, and his struggle was caught on surveillance.

Tanner gets stuck leaving for work

Monday night, Evan Gorman also had a little trouble. As he explained at the beginning of his live report, he fell.

Shoveling snow helps even score between southeast side neighbors

His Facebook post later showed his less than perfect “snow angel.”

Bethany Miller got stuck on her way to her live shot Monday night. Thankfully, she made it out and was on time for her report.

Bethany Miller gets stuck in the snow

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