Small western Kentucky pharmacy starts COVID-19 vaccinations

Small western Kentucky pharmacy starts COVID-19 vaccinations

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - A small family-owned western Kentucky pharmacy is stepping up to the front lines of the pandemic.

Henderson’s T&T Drug Store is now administering COVID-19 vaccines. Their efforts continued Friday night on the the city’s east end.

Just two days in and dozens of people have already been given the vaccine.

Although giving COVID-19 vaccines is new for them, pharmacy workers have been allowed to administer other vaccines, including flu shots.

The back room at the building is converted into a COVID-19 vaccination clinic.

On Wednesday, owner John Marshall tells 14 News the first doses arrived and the shots started with a small group of 10 people.

The Clay Street pharmacy now has the process down and is putting needles in arms of willing people.

Among the roughly 70 qualified people signed up to get the shot Friday was Barbara Kurtz. She says she wants to protect not only herself but others, too. She also loves to travel.

“We celebrated our 50th anniversary last July with an Alaskan cruise for the family; we had to cancel,” Kurtz recalled. “We couldn’t go.”

The Moderna vaccine comes in a 10-dose unit, and needs to be given during a short window once thawed out. For this reason, the pharmacy does have an on-call list in case of a no show or if there is an issue with the scheduled appointment.

“We get a 100 a week until the point when they wouldn’t ship it anymore,” pharmacy owner John Marshall explained. “So, we’re scheduling people or giving people their cards. Should they cut it off, we’ll send them wherever they can get the second dose, but they’ll have a card that shows that got the first dose.”

After the shot is given, people are monitored for 15 minutes and rescheduled for their second dose in about a month.

Marshall says the entire process does take some time. You must check in, give insurance if you have it, answer a series of questions, get the shot and it gets reported to the state.

He says some are still hesitant.

“I’ve got a lot of people who have turned it down; that’s frustrating because I’ve lost a lot of people to COVID,” Marshall added. “So, I’m encouraging everybody to get it. No matter where you have to go to get it, just get it.”

Some smaller pharmacies across the country have reported issues with billing insurance companies. Marshall tells 14 News he has sent off the paperwork for the first 10 people and has found no problems so far.

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