Two new regional COVID-19 vaccination sites set to open in Western Kentucky

Two new regional COVID-19 vaccination sites set to open in Western Kentucky

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - On Thursday, Governor Andy Beshear announced expanded COVID-19 vaccination efforts across the state, including two new regional vaccinations sites in Western Kentucky.

Back in December, Deaconess started administering coronavirus vaccines in both Henderson and Union Counties.

“We started getting vaccine,” says Deaconess Pharmacy Service Line Manager Brian Spencer. “We quickly ramped up our vaccine efforts, and then the supply of vaccine kind of got cut off.”

Because of that, Deaconess had to reschedule more than 500 appointments and put new appointments on hold.

“We have been pushing with our local lawmakers and the Kentucky Department of Health to get that vaccine in Henderson and Union County,” says Spencer.

With the help of a speech on the Kentucky Senate floor from Senator Robby Mills, Governor Andy Beshear listened.

“I just thought that Henderson was a large enough area that we needed to have a regional vaccination clinic,” says Senator Mills, “and it appears that he agreed. The administration kind of went to work on that and has made that possible, and of course, the Henderson connection with the Union County hospital as well.”

Kentucky leaders say as long as there are no major manufacturing hold-ups at the national level, both Henderson and Union County will receive weekly vaccine shipments from the state: at least 300 first doses in Henderson and in Union County, at least 100 per week.

“Not only is it good news now, but it’s good news moving forward,” says Senator Mills, “until everybody has an opportunity to be vaccinated.”

“The more vaccine we give, the sooner we get to that herd immunity, that 80 percent,” says Spencer, “the sooner that we can end this pandemic.”

Officials with Deaconess say they are currently rescheduling those 500 postponed vaccinations from earlier this year, but for anyone else who is eligible under Phase 1A or Phase 1B, the link to sign up is available now online.

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