Ky. Gov. Beshear issues state of emergency in response to winter storm

Ky. Gov. Beshear issues state of emergency in response to winter storm

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear provided an update Thursday morning on the current weather conditions in the commonwealth as well as the state’s response.

During the update, Gov. Beshear issued a State of Emergency in response to the winter storm.

The State of Emergency directs the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM) and the Department of Military Affairs to execute the Kentucky Emergency Operations Plan and coordinate the response across state agencies and private relief groups.

It also directs the Finance and Administration Cabinet to provide funding for the response and authorizes the Division of Emergency Management to request additional resources.

Earlier Thursday morning, Gov. Beshear closed all state offices for the day to reduce traffic on perilous roadways.

You can watch the full update in the video below:

In Henderson, those hard at work to clear the roads finished up a long, 12-hour work day. While they were out clearing the roads, others stayed inside.

“The snow doesn’t bother them so much, but the ice like it has been, yeah that will just about shut them down,” Mike Pruitt of Busters Barber Shop said.

Pruitt would normally be cutting hair on a Thursday afternoon, but many of his customers couldn’t make it because of the icy conditions.

“It’s been a little slower than usual, but people just don’t like to get out,” Pruitt said.

He doesn’t blame them either, so he spent a lot of his day cleaning up the shop and watching TV.

Henderson County Engineer Bill Hubiak says Thursday was a much better day than Wednesday. They only had one truck slide off the road, compared to four the day before.

Although Hubiak doesn’t anticipate much Thursday, he believes some roads may refreeze overnight. Crews will begin another day of salting the roads on Friday at 7 a.m.

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