COVID-19 vaccination clinic moving to Old National Events Plaza

COVID-19 vaccination clinic moving to Old National Events Plaza

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Beginning Tuesday, the Vanderburgh County Health Department will relocate it’s COVID-19 vaccination clinics to Old National Events Plaza.

If you have an appointment to be vaccinated, you should enter the doors at Locust Street on the corner of Southeast 9th Street. Health Department Administrator Joe Gries says they’ll assist those who may need extra help.

“We’ll have some people out front helping. We do have some wheelchairs, if people have some mobility issues, we’ll make sure that we accommodate all of those situations and get people in and out,” said Gries.

Once inside, you’ll enter a queue formed by several barricades to be registered. Then, you’ll move to the next station to be vaccinated.

“Last week we gave almost 800 shots. We’re going to be shooting for those same numbers each week. We’ve vaccinated over 26,000 people of Vanderburgh County residents,” said Gries.

Gries says Old National Events Plaza allows for greater vaccination capacity as folks come in or their second dose, and as eligibility is expanded.

“A lot more space for us, able to spread out,” said Gries. “We’re doing first and second doses so it allows us to make sure that we have the capacity to provide both the first and second doses to people.”

Gries also says that Old National Events Plaza is not charging the health department to use the facility, but they are searching for possible ways to reimburse them.

“Finding maybe some money through the state health department, some reimbursement for Old National Events Plaza for the space and possibly some other costs that we’ve incurred for these clinics,” stated Gries.

The clinic will operate this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Starting next week, they will add Saturday as a fourth day of operation.

Those 65 and older, first responders and healthcare workers are eligible. You can schedule an appointment online at

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